About Sarla

How I work:

My Psychotherapy practice for adults facilitates a holistic, healing and transformative way of experiencing yourself and your life.  Through discovery and awareness, shifts may occur that change the way you are in your world.  There is a spiritual component of my practice which, embraces the understanding that we don't need to be alone in this process.  Whatever your belief system is, you can learn to use it to help you transcend your darkest moments.  The primary modality used in these therapy sessions is talk therapy.  Clinical hypnosis among other modalities is often used to enhance the sessions.

My Paediatric practice assists children (6 years and older) to cope with their unique challenges.  Paediatric Hypnosis is the primary modality used in these sessions.  Adding elements of Narrative Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Mindfulness to this process enhances the client's awareness of their triggers and subconscious motivations.  Click here to learn more about Hypnosis.

About me:
I have discovered that life is a great adventure.  

Thirty-five years ago, I began my journey with an undergraduate degree in the field of Psychology and Human Development.  After many years working for Community and Social Services I took a leap and entered the corporate world. I worked in fields completely unrelated to anything I had learned or done in the past.  It was exciting, challenging and full of personal growth.  Fast forward a couple of decades, packed with some personal life challenges, and I find myself back again in the healing arts with a few more tools and a more balanced perspective.   My path has brought me full circle to my original intention - to help others heal and deepen my own understanding of our human condition as co-creators.

Looking back, I realize that every step of my path was filled with lessons that I needed to learn in order to be exactly where I am today.  I have had the luxury of reinventing myself many times over and have a deep passion for my work.  I have learned that facilitating growth and change in others requires not only constant learning, but the practice of integrating all that I learn, so that I may truly be of service.


EMDR & Parts Work for Treating Complex Trauma - Arielle Schwartz (2023)

Healing Pre-Verbal Parts with IFS - Colleen West (2023)

Self-Led Parenting: Developing Deeper Relationships with your Children - Seth Kopald IFSCA (2023)

Stepping Stone: 16 week Comprehensive IFS Course - Derek Scott IFSCA (2023)

Trauma Recovery: Processing Guilt and Shame - Sick Kids Learning Institute (2022)

Helping Families Heal - Sick Kids Learning Institute (2022)

Becoming an Adult Attachment Focused Therapist - Sick Kids Learning Institute (2021)

Non-Suicidal Self Injury in Adolescents - Sick Kids Learning Institute (2020)

​DBT: Balancing Acceptance and Change - Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (2020)

Certificate in Family Therapy - George Hull Centre (2020)

​CBT Certificate Course - Hincks Dellcrest Institute (2017)

Diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy - Transformational Arts College (2014)

Neurolinguistic Programming - National Federation of NLP (2007)

Sports Hypnosis - Ontario Hypnosis Centre (2007)

Paediatric Hypnosis - Ontario Hypnosis Centre (2006)

Master Hypnotherapist Certification - Ontario Hypnosis Centre (2006)

Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Psychology & Development in Human Learning  - University of Toronto (1992)

Professional Memberships:

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (2015 - present)

My Pledge

To create a safe space where healing, awareness and growth can occur.