I use Hypnosis to work with children 6 - 15 years of age.  Children naturally and easily access trance states during their daily activities (such as reading, watching TV, playing video games, colouring or playing).   As a parent, you may have experienced the effects of these trance states as your constant requests to pry your children away from these hypnotic activities are met with little or no reaction, as they may not consciously hear you.  They are in a pleasant state of relaxed concentration and calm.  They are 'zoned out'.

Children are ideal candidates for hypnosis because of their ability to use their imagination.  Hypnosis uses a child's powerful imagination and their natural ability to access this state of relaxed concentration to achieve positive personal change.  What is important is the child's willingness to participate in the process of hypnosis.

I work with children as young as 6 years of age on issues including:


Confidence and Self-Esteem 
Habit Change (such as bed-wetting, thumb sucking and nail biting) 
Sleep Disturbances 
Focus, Concentration and Study Habits 
Stress Management 
Performance Enhancement 
Neurological Tics  

In working with children, I first conduct a telephone interview with the parent to assess the problem and obtain pertinent background information about the child and the situation.  This telephone interview typically takes place when the child is not present.  During the first session with the child, hypnosis is explained in an age appropriate way and permission is requested before hypnotizing the child.  For very young children, parents are asked to remain in the room during the session.   I instruct the child on using some problem-specific techniques between sessions to facilitate the desired change.  Each child is also given a customized Hypnosis recording to use at bedtime when they are falling asleep.  

A follow-up session is strongly recommended to take place 2-3 weeks later to ensure success.  The need for additional follow up sessions is made in collaboration with the parent(s) and is based on the child's progress.

The process of Hypnosis teaches children that they are powerful and able to take control of their problems.  Transparency with the child is important.  By referring to their issues as a 'problem' they learn that they are not the problem and that the problem exists outside of themselves.  Children learn how to speak about their problems in an empowering way.   As a result, awareness is created and the child is then guided to use effective tools to address their challenges.  The sessions are empowering and children can learn that they are responsible for creating and shaping their own reality.  Children learn that they are powerful.